Friday, April 11, 2014

Five On Friday


Gonna try and make this Five on Friday linkup a regular thing.  We'll see how it goes.

1. Lemon juice is not the same thing as lemonade, not matter how deceivingly packaged it is (and positioned right next to the identically packaged orange juice).  Tip: don't chug lemon juice.

2. It's finally getting into warmer temps around here.  The other day it was a sweat-inducing 48 degrees.  The kiddo doesn't care.  It's been so long since he's played out side that he gets slap happy when we do.  Seriously, it's like a chicken running around with his head cut off when we make it over to the park.

3. Ignored second child alert!  Here's a photo from my recent ultra sound.  Kind of fun to be able to see an actual baby in there when you have late-term ultra sounds.  You can't see here but this one has a full head of hair just like big brother did.

4. Me at 33 weeks.  Yes, I said I was 30 weeks only two weeks ago but just file that under "ignored second child".  And yes, I am huge.  But I thought there was an unspoken agreement between pregnant people and total strangers that you either don't say anything at all (aren't you people scared you'll be wrong about someone being pregnant one day???) or just say "you look great".  Because those are not the strangers I'm running into these days.  Basically I'm either being told that I'm about to pop or I'm being offered a ride to the hospital.  Anyway, there's a reason this picture is being taken so far away.

5. I had a birthday.  It involved red velvet cupcakes, beautiful flowers, Enough Said (highly recommend this movie), and dinner at Fountainhead with my two favorite guys.  It was wonderful.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five On Friday


1. This commercial that is making the rounds lately.  Forget Jared, he went to The Dump!

2. This poor baby.  The second child syndrome is in full effect.  I found ultra sound pictures wadded up at the bottom of my purse.  The picture below is the very first one I've taken of me being officially pregnant.  And it's at 26 weeks (I'm at 30 now).  Pathetic.

3. I'm still guest blogging over on Chicago Mom Source although to be fair, my posts are getting fewer and further in between.  I used to use naptime to clean up, get things done around the house, and have some blogging quiet time, but those days are over.  I am completely exhausted halfway through the day so most days I'm joining in on nap time.  That being said, I am trying my best to keep up over there with the other talented ladies.  Click here to read a few of my posts that I've contributed (I'm working on getting a permanent link up on the side bar but this will have to do for now).  

4. We picked up Babar from the library the other day.  I definitely did not remember how the story started:

A hunter shoots at them?  Kills Babar's mom??  This turn of events took me totally off guard and I found myself blubbering something about a guy with a water squirter and um uh Babar didn't like water so uhh he ran away.  To which the kiddo replied, "But what about his mommy?  Where did she go?"  Uhhhh she doesn't like water either.  Let's read another book.

5.  This is a shelf in the kiddo's room where he puts all of his stuff.  I love it.  It  looks like a shot from the opening credits of Winnie the Pooh where you see all of Christopher Robin's treasures.  We've got dice, glass rocks, "noculars", a piggy bank, and Mardi Gras coins.  The only thing missing is his stick collection that I make him keep in the garage.  Such a boy.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Three Years Old

I'm not sure when this cute little knucklehead got to be so big.

For the first time in his life I actually do feel like it's passing by too fast.

He is just the smartest darn kid.  He's spelling and reading (I would guess he can read and spell about 30 words), can count to 100, and lately is bopping around the house reciting the German alphabet (sorry for the obvious mom-bragging, but I never made a baby book so this info has to get recorded somewhere).  He is really excited to be a big brother but more excited that he thinks I'm going to name the baby after his suggestion: "Football".  He is cracking us up with his comments lately.  "I definitely, absolutely need some chocolate right now."  "Can you do me a favorite?"  (a favor).  "I'm so getcited!"  (excited).  So we threw him a little birthday party and he said he was so "getcited because when you turn three it is so cool".    

I went with a baseball theme and that was great and all but perhaps it should have just been a balloon party because, really, that is all these kids want.  Balloons.  He spent the entire party with these balloons strapped around him like a harness (and when the sugar high from birthday cake eventually wore off, he started complaining that we didn't have enough balloons to make him fly).


 Nevertheless, up went the baseball decorations.

I made these homemade sugar cookies with buttercream frosting and did the lacing with red frosting, then tied them to a bag of Cracker Jacks.  Never again.  I now know why people get paid to do this.

Kinda wish I realized my "concession" stand sign and the baseballs made this creepy happy face.  We had snacks and a hot dog bar.  Man, also just noticing that the curtains kinda look like hair on this guy's face.  Pretty much going to bother me forever.

We still have this Happy Birthday sign up because the kiddo says "it's so nice to look at".

Sooooo... turns out he hates being sung "Happy Birthday" to.  He cheered up when the singing ended and it was time to eat cake.

Ok, squint your eyes a little.  I had to include this blurry picture because I was quite excited to have found those Detroit Tiger helmets to serve the ice cream in. 

On his actual birthday we took him to the Museum of Science and Industry (sounds like it's not for kids but it is incredible and he loves it there) with his cousins and Grandma and Grandpa.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Return of Thundersnow and Other Things of Note

Well people, it's still cold here.  Do you know how sad it is that I'm looking forward to Thursday when it will get up to a whopping 42 degrees?  Unfortunately it's back down to 21 after that, but what a glorious day Thursday will be.  Yesterday, in honor of the kiddo's third birthday, we were hit with another round of thundersnow.  The last time Chicago saw this weird weather situation it was right around the time I was preparing to bring the little guy into the world so that was a nice reminder of me trying to figure out how I would be getting to the hospital.  

The hubs and I are taking a little vacation to New Orleans and Miami soon.  Yes, I will be pregnant but I refuse to call it what it is (ends with "moon", starts with "baby").  Barf.  Any recommendations for things to do and places to eat at are appreciated.  I've been to both but NOLA only as a drunk college kid and Miami for a bachelorette party (which was fun, but fully planned out for me).  So get to it.  Thanks.

The kiddo loves the Olympics.  Mostly he loves the Olympic rings, countdown clocks, and when people "get necklaces" for winning.  And when people fall.  So we're obviously raising a sweet, sympathetic kid.

The other night I rickrolled myself.  Not a lie.  I was awake, fell asleep for about 10 seconds (which is just enough time to get rickrolled), and it woke me right up.  It was kind of amazing.

I got the very last Hopslam that we knew of in the city.  The other customers were not thrilled that a preg woman was the lucky one.  Now I just have to sit tight for another 3 1/2 months to enjoy it.  

Big boy bed is in full effect.  It is ridiculous.  We went with a queen bed which is already just too big for a three year old but then we also have this really big box spring which lifts the bed so high off the ground that even I have to climb up into it.  But he loves it.  And brought just about every toy he owns with him.

His class had a Valentine's day party.  We were all supposed to bring Valentine's cards for everyone and put them in each child's box.  The boxes themselves were hilarious:

Here are some of the cards that his classmates brought in:

Cute, huh?  Here was ours:

Perforated edges and all.  
Guess I know for next time.

Birthday recap and a story about how we almost moved to Houston coming soon.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Ok, I actually hate that corny name that everyone is calling Chicago during the polar vortex.  But fine, it's fitting.  Also, do I sound smart saying polar vortex?  Well it turns out that the corner we live on is ground zero for stuck cars.  Let's do a little research so that I can prove my point, shall we?

You see all those black lines?  Those are all of the streets that the city decided to plow.  You see that gaping hole?  That's where we live.  You like how the plow trucks drove right up to our block and then went out to get a pack of cigarettes?  Too many kids in movies know how that story ends.  Making matters worse, there's this excavator blocking one side of the street which is apparently just going to be parked at our house until summer.

Watching cars get stuck and then try to get out was entertaining for like, two days.  Then I realized I couldn't get out either.  So kinda not funny anymore.  What is funny, however, are all of the brilliant ideas that people come up with to get themselves out of the snow.  

I really should have taken better pictures but here we have a four-car situation.  All of these guys are stuck.  The truck and van on the right are both trying to go the same way on a one way street yet they are right next to each other.  I guess whoever gets out first, wins?  Well it's not going to be the van because look carefully right behind him.  That's a car that is not only stuck right behind him (making the back and forth friction trick impossible) but is also facing the wrong way on a one-way street.  You can tell it's a one-way by checking out the car directly in front of him, facing  him.  This guy is going the correct way, but it doesn't matter because he's also stuck.

Things I learned that do not work in this situation: 
  • Using a scraper to dig your wheels out of the snow
  • Breaking a traffic barrier in half to dig your wheels out of the snow (both because he couldn't break it and also because it's a stupid idea)
  • Getting a flat tire (super unhelpful)
  • Pushing a car with your car
  • Using a rope to pull a car with your car
Now, to be fair, these guys eventually got themselves out and if I'm going to be making fun of them I feel it is only right to direct you to a post I wrote about the idiotic things I did when I was first getting used to driving in the snow here (click here for that post and scroll down a bit).  

I'm pretty over it all and could do without another day of news anchors telling us to cover our eyes to avoid corneal burning.  This little guy is being a champ about being stuck indoors but really can't wait to get back outside again (while I watch from the window).

At least Michael has the gear to get himself to work:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Recap

First up, I've got a few new posts up on Chicago Mom Source.  Be sure to check it out if you are in the mood to hear me pretend I know what I'm doing out there in the mom world.

Next we've got a quick holiday recap.  I say quick because I wasn't so good about taking pictures this time around.  Nevertheless... 

Early on in December, the kiddo's class "wrote" letters to Santa.
All this kid talked about the entire month of December was getting jingle bells (not sure what the deal is with that computer since he has owned it for two years now).
So one glorious day, his Elf on a Shelf, Emmay, delivered the goods. 

It was a good day.

We took a ride on the Santa train.

Braved the cold and went downtown to the Christkindle Market, where I basically complained about the cold for two hours, got a pic with Santa, and gave the kiddo the biggest pretzel he'd ever seen (which he laughed about for 15 minutes). 

 The snow has been out of hand this winter.  One night we wanted to go to dinner with friends and had to resort to getting there by sled.  At least the kids loved it.

Thrilled about his new winter hat.

 Christmas day in Michigan arrived and good lord opening presents took forever.  It wasn't that there were so many, it was that for the kiddo, it was definitely a marathon versus a sprint.  He wouldn't open the next present until the current present had been sufficiently played with.  

Keeping up with a family tradition, on "Christmas Eve #2" back in Chicago, we made homemade pizzas.

 New tradition: sending Michael out to chop wood.

Moving right along, we held our second annual NYE party at our home.

There was also a second annual champagne fountain. 

So that's it.  Kind of a choppy little post here for you, but better than last year when I just totally skipped over the entire holiday season.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is appreciating the 40 degree weather everywhere else in the country while we are snowed in and have hit temps as low as 40 below.  Just saying.